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What is Monitoring feature ?

Monitoring is an integral part of BookAndPay application to enable monitoring system status, performance and activities. Monitoring feature is combination of the following features

  1. Effective management of log data.

  2. Visualization of system status

  3. Alerts and notifications on errors, unusual activities etc

  4. Diagnostics and audit data.

BookAndPay comes with built-in monitoring system. It consolidates logs originating from different application services to a consolidated log. The logs can be visualized, analyzed for faster troubleshooting and monitoring of the system.

In addition to log consolidation, visualization and management, the monitoring system will provide quick and easy view of the system status. The system status will details of various services running as a part of the BookAndPay application.

The monitoring system can also provide triggers and alerts such as email notification on system errors or similar issues.

If you have a existing monitoring system in place and would like to centralize the logs and metrics, you can do that as well.

Why is it needed ?

Monitoring is an essential part of any good business ready application. It is a necessary tool for the following reasons

  1. Logs are important. However manually going through log data is tedious and time consuming.

  2. However logs alone not enough to troubleshoot. Often IT team needs end to end visibility which will help in troubleshooting faster.

  3. Providing system status via metrics and dashboard often helps to resolve the problem lot faster.

  4. Logs, metrics and dashboard are great. However its not much use if you are not aware of the issue quick enough. Hence monitoring system is built with alert messages when certain event occurs.

  5. A good monitoring solution will facilitate troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

  6. And of course, all these will reduce system downtime if an error occurs.

How it works ?

Monitoring is service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application. Details of how to deploy BookAndPay application can be found in the deployment guide

Like other services, you have to configure the monitoring service after deployment. Details of the user configurable parameters related to monitoring service can be found in the configuration guide