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What is Plugins?

Plugins allow BookAndPay application to integrate with other business applications such as Accounting software, CRM system, ERP systems.

Integration to the external application are achieved either via REST API calls or using Web hooks. These allow you to customize the business work flow.

Some example are

  1. Booking cancellation may trigger an account software function to remove the entry from accounts receivables.
  2. Booking confirmation may trigger a marketing or email subscription
  3. Booking confirmation may trigger the accounting software to send invoice by email with pay online option.

Why is it needed ?

Integration to third party application such as CRM system, accounting systems or ERP system allow you to customize and automate booking and work ordering processing even further.

How it works ?

Webhooks is an optional feature and will be enabled on request. If the external application needs to be connected via REST API, please contact us for technical support.

Webhooks is an optional service component within BookAndPay application. It does not get deployed when you deploy the application by default. Details of how to deploy BookAndPay application can be found in the deployment guide

If enabled, you have to configure the web-hooks after deployment. Details of how to configure web-hook can be found in the configuration guide or contact us for support.