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What is Self-service?

Self-service is a built-in feature which enables the customers to access their data securely 247. Self-service provides the following functions

  1. 247 secure login
  2. Make changes to bookings
  3. Make changes to personal information such as email
  4. View past bookings
  5. View past payments and invoices
  6. Change passwords

Customers can login using passwords they created or using OTP ( one time password).

Self-service works in conjunction with the user-management feature.

Why is it needed ?

Self service brings some obvious and not so obvious benefits. These includes

  1. Reduced dependence on support or administrative staff on customer enquiries.

  2. Better productivity for staff

  3. Better customer experience.

  4. Reduced no shows and administrative over head associated with it.

  5. Compliance to security and data privacy issues.

  6. 247 access for everyone including staff

How it works ?

Self-service is service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application. Details of how to deploy BookAndPay application can be found in the deployment guide

Like other services, you have to configure the self-service after deployment. Details of the user configurable parameters related to self-service can be found in the configuration guide