User Management

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What is User management?

User management is a built-in feature which enables the you to manage your customer details securely. User management provides the following functions

  1. Provide security for users
  2. Provide security for various services within BookAndPay application
  3. Provide a common and systematic way to manage users and user details such as password policies
  4. Provide advanced security protocols such as OAuth2.0 and openId connect.
  5. Enable social login

Essentially user management service provides the identity management and access control. All users are authenticated by the user management service.

Why is it needed ?

User-management provides a centralized identity and user management. This enables BookAndPay to provide enterprise grade security and functionality.

Centralized identity and user management also provides better security and better customer experience.

How it works ?

Before a user (i.e you or your customer) can access any component services of BookAndPay application, the user needs to be authenticated by user-management. For example when your customer try to access self-service, the customer will be redirected to the user-management for authentication. Once the user is authenticated, the user will be provided with a unique token which will be verified by the API gateway before the request goes the self-service.

The diagram shows the sequence of operation when a user try to access self-service. When user to try to access a protected service, the user will be re-directed to the user-management service and will be provided a “Login” screen. Upon successful login, the user will be provided an access token. This token will be then used in the future requests from that authenticated user. The token will be verified by API gateway before the request gets forwarded to the self-service component.

User-management is service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application. Details of how to deploy BookAndPay application can be found in the deployment guide

Like other services, you have to configure the user-management after deployment. Details of the user configurable parameters related to user-management can be found in the configuration guide